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BroTalk is a free, confidential and anonymous service that provides counselling and information to help teen guys (and those who identify as guys) tackle their challenges and stresses, big or small. Whatever you’re dealing with, you don’t have to face it alone. Chat or Phone, we’re here to support you. For more information about BroTalk, please visit the About BroTalk page.

We realized that young guys are reaching out for help a lot less than girls and that there aren’t a lot of services or spaces designed to make it easier for you to find information or reach out for support if you want it. So, Kids Help Phone, through generous funding by the Movember Foundation, has created this website, and is offering Live Chat hours, as well as an app, to make it easier for guys to help themselves with the tools and support they need.
Counselling is a helpful conversation between two people, no more, no less. A counsellor is someone you can trust, who won’t judge you based on what you share. They’re there to listen and work through whatever you’re going through.

YES. BroTalk and Kids Help Phone are both completely anonymous services – that means that you control what information you give about yourself and who you are.

YES. That means that whatever you talk about with the counsellor is between you and the counsellor. If you are at risk of danger or harm, if you choose to reveal some details of who you are, then the counsellor can get you help if you are at risk or are in danger. But that’s only if they know who you are – you, and only you, control what they know about you by the info you provide the counsellor. For details read our privacy policy.

The counsellors at BroTalk are the professional counsellors at Kids Help Phone. That means they all have experience and education in supporting young people through whatever is going on in their lives. You can learn about them by reading the our counsellors page.

When you chat with a counsellor or call Kids Help Phone, you might not get a male counsellor. But if it’s important to you, you can ask for one – we just can’t guarantee that there will be a guy counsellor available.

You can chat about any issue that is on your mind. No issue is too small to reach out to us about – we’re here for you.

When you contact us on Live Chat, you’ll be connected to a professional counsellor who will not judge you and is willing to listen and chat with you about anything that’s on your mind. Whether you use Live Chat or call Kids Help Phone, you are in control of what you share.

There is no pressure or expectation to continue with the counsellor.  You can end the chat at any time.  You control the pace of the chat and can stop or return another time.

In English, Chat is open Wednesday – Sunday from 6pm - 2am EST. Find out when Live Chat is open in your province.

If Live Chat isn’t open, then try giving Kids Help Phone a call at 1-866-393-5933. We’re here 24/7.

You can talk to our counsellors about anything, whether it’s illegal or not. Our counsellors do have an obligation to report when they believe you or someone else may be at risk of harm or danger, but that’s only if they know who you are and only YOU control if they get that information. To learn more about our duty to report, read our privacy policy.

No. We don’t provide legal advice but we can refer you to legal services near you if you need them.

YES.  Your IP address is masked so we can’t connect the chat from your phone or computer to any identifying information. We don’t see or collect phone numbers either.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, like if you are injured and are bleeding a lot or if you believe that your life is in danger, please call 911. Calling 911 gets you help faster – this can be important in situations where every second counts.

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