Privacy Policy

We would like to inform you about how BroTalk protects your privacy. BroTalk respects your right to be informed about our policies and practices as they may affect you.

You can be sure that your conversation with BroTalk will remain private within our counselling team. All calls/chats we receive are anonymous and confidential.

Confidential means we don’t share your information or details of counselling conversations outside the Kids Help Phone/ BroTalk counselling team.

Anonymous means our counsellors will not require you to share any identifying information during a conversation. You may choose to give us your name, address and/or your telephone number because you want a counsellor to help you find services in your community, but it is not mandatory to provide this information.

Your safety and well-being are important to us. We take your privacy very seriously.

Duty To Report

BroTalk does not trace calls. We can’t get anyone else involved if you choose to stay anonymous.

However, if you give us any of the following identifying details:

  • Your location,
  • Your phone number,
  • Your place of residence
  • Given names (First & Last)

and the situation is considered dangerous to you or others, the counsellor is legally obliged to involve an external agency. This is called Duty to Report.

Our counsellors have a duty to report in the following cases:

  1. If you tell us that someone is hurting you, has hurt you, or is likely to hurt you in the future, and you also give us identifying information.
  2. If you tell us you are planning to hurt yourself or someone else, or if you have committed a crime--but only if you have given the counsellor identifying information.

Use of Information:

BroTalk believes you should receive the best possible service at all times. One of the ways we ensure this is to record our calls and chat sessions to be used for training and quality assurance. If you are not comfortable with this just let the counsellor know that you do not want your call/chat monitored. As mentioned, we do not share the content of your conversation beyond the BroTalk team.

BroTalk uses the comments and opinions you provide through our Feedback survey to help make our service better. Your feedback will always remain anonymous.

If you have questions about the contents of this page please call us at 1-866-393-5933 and ask to speak with a counselling manager.