If you’re here, it means that you know enough about depression that you’ve clicked on the link. We’re also going to make the educated guess that you’ve been wondering if you or someone you know has depression, or are pretty sure that you do. If you’re not sure that’s ok too. If we’re right about this, it means that you probably already know that depression is different from the kind of sadness or ‘feeling down’ that happens to everyone, and comes and goes but never stays for long. Instead, it’s a condition that affects your feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and ability to do everyday things.

What is Depression?

Sadness and loss of interest aren’t the only things that guys can feel when they’re depressed.

Living with Depression

Depression is like looking through goggles that distort the colour of your whole experience.

Pushing Back Part 1: Inside Your Own Head

We call it pushing back because recovery doesn’t happen without effort.

Pushing Back Part 2 – Outside world work

There are lots of strategies for dealing with depression. We’ve found the ones we think work best for guys.

Outside work continued: actively living your life – every little bit helps

Actively living your life in spite of depression is important. Here are some ways to fight the sloth.

Worried about a friend?

Is there someone you know who you think might be struggling with depression?  Wondering how to help?

Real Life Story

“There is this external stigma on guys that we don’t have feelings – the fact is, we do. Society doesn’t let us naturally talk about our emotions quite as much. But mental illness is a gender neutral challenge – depression is depression no matter what.”

Read Aidan’s Story