Relationships & Dating

Not every relationship involves sex, but since people can’t read each other’s minds, every relationship does involve communication. Trying to have any kind of relationship without talking to the other person about what is going on between you is like trying to ride a bike with no wheels; communication is the thing that makes relationships go.

Different types of relationships have different levels of communication and intimacy, and that’s okay.  Some relationships are more casual and physical, other relationships are more about getting to know each other really well over time.

Really getting to know someone (a.k.a. emotional intimacy)

What does it mean to be emotionally intimate with someone?

How to tell if they are interested in you

There is someone you’re interested in, but the signals just aren’t clear. What should you do?


You & your partner agree to do something together: It may be a date, it might be hooking up. Ask first and get consent.

Boundaries and Expectations

Boundaries are the invisible lines around your ‘comfort zone.’ When your boundaries get crossed you feel it.


Conflict is part of every relationship. It’s unavoidable, and doesn’t need to be a bad thing.

Breaking up

Break ups can happen after trying to work things out, or seem to come out of the blue. Either way, it’s time to take stock.

Real Life Story

“Yet somehow, one day, there was a girl that was into me.”

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