Sex is a big deal for teens. It’s complicated, new and you probably have a whole lot of feelings about it. Plus, while you’re going through puberty, your body is surging with hormones and it can take time to adjust.

Sex is important because it impacts your life. Whether or not you’re having it yet, you’re probably curious and have a lot of questions.

Read on to find out more about how your body changes during puberty to be ready for sex, how to sort out your feelings around having sex and find answers to common questions about sex.

Sex and the teen guy

Puberty, hormones, and erections? Learn more about these and about making healthy choices for yourself.

Sex and your personal identity

Gender identity and sexual orientation: How do you want to identify and express yourself?

Starting to get sexually active

Everyone is navigating their hormones in their own way, but yes, most people are masturbating.

What to Know Before Having Sex

We tackle the tough questions: What activities count as sex; Dealing with worries and how to know if you’re ready.

Sex and Relationships

What’s the difference between a relationship and hooking up? How will you know if it’s love and lust?

Sex and consent

We’re here to help you understand the ins and outs of sexual consent, so you can be a respectful & sexy partner.

Real Life Story

“Being a teen isn’t easy to begin with. Being a teen confused with sexuality is even more complicated.”

Read Charlie’s Story